noritori te salutamus
[for those about to die; we salute you]

POINT BLANK ASSASSIN [was] an amateur internet manga I initiated back in my college years, circa 1997ish(?). It was an entry, (and 1st place) to the now defunct contest (improvisional Japanese comics); in my simpleton mind, it is my proof that stories deemed 'great' by people are not made by [great] writers, but instead, by [GREAT READERS], who believe in the authour and let a humble story affect their hearts. Making it a greater story than it really was meant to be.. Thank you.

FINALLY! Instead of digging for archives I have discovered Centerstorm, a ressurection of where these good folks have archived [POINT BLANK ASSASSIN] as well as other fine Impromangas. Here is a direct link to the PBA archives. (make sure to check out other cooler impromangas on the page. A link to my old skool past...)

PBA [archive]

t h e . l o s t . p a g e s . . .

t h e . [ DARK ] . k n i g h t . . .
a short story... never forget the PAST.