[ C O U R A G E ]
04.03.03: for as long as there is something you can never [have]; then you will never die. (JUDAS GOSPEL 1:13) -S.CHING.THEATRE

...I don't know why I started drawing tonight; I guess it is a hangover from my [mad psycho project] I worked on till 1:30 am last night, it is always good to be apprecaited and have an ccomplishment amidst the bullshit.
This scene has also been a personal favourite of mine, the cigarette on the wall, - the calm befor ethe storm. It is an easy scene, silent DEEp, yet ready to explode into emotion at a moment's notice.Besides, I havent drawn Shinji, a deserving vharacter in a long time... Thanks for looking : )
Medium-Mechanical pencil. Chara: SHINJI MURASAKI of [POINT BLANK ASSASSIN]. PENCIL to me seems very weak. There is less emotion with every stroke. It happens in life when you can [erase] your mistakes... in retropect though it adds a certain calmness and peace like a spring breeze. Never too harsh as pen does.