[ H A K A I ] . to destroy
"I always wondered, when its dark, TO WHAT PURPOSE my parents borne me to this world?" Was it vanity? Maybe it was proof of their relationship? An undeniable urge? Or an accident? ...or maybe; just maybe, it was for some greater purpose yet to be revealed to me.. but that - is to be another story... -S.CHING.THEATRE

(Chara: "Brandon" from GUNGRAVE. It is a PS2 video game designed by an idol of mine, trying my best to copy his style - YASUHIRO NIGHTOW (TRIGUN), it is a short tempered game with a simple yet to me, rivetting black & white story. I can't help but be attracted to the underdog... I wonder though - can a man live his life with just blind devotion and loyalty? When the time comes that his emperor falls, and he is forced to discover himself, will not the heavens part with his rage?. Medium: Pencil sketch to Bic Ballpen + shade CG.