[ C O N T R O L ]
06.00 X 03.26.03: GUNS.DRUGS.NICOTENE.VICE & the [BOYS], a man can never appreciate [ p e a c e ]
until he suffers the lash of [evil]. If you want PEACE you have to fight for JUSTICE. -S.CHING.THEATRE

yet another one of those NOW AND THEN sketches I like to do. This one is from my same sketchbook titled [bleu]. I didn't follow my rule to
make all my sketches in blue ink. Eversince gradeschool I didn't like the colour, especially cause I was not allowed to wear black shirts
cause of Chinese tradition.
This sketch is on one of the charas from my amateur manga [MonsteRock Band '95]. One of my fave too, Makoto Udeshii.
he usually wears his hair STRAIGHT UP, my fave token 'broom-head' : ), 1 day in 00 I wondered how he looked with his hair down & 'au natureale'.
What I ended up was the Blue sketch. Truth be told I prefer my old sketch, I like the long faced slimline chinaboy look.
The new sketch, with a few shots to keep me focused, ended up too generic.. this is a note for future sketches.
("is it all about [COOL], kid?" father never understood; but deep inside I know he did...) - Chara:MAKOTO UDESHII, from MRB95. Medium:BIC pen and paper)