[ P E A C E ]
06.00 X 03.18.03: even in a moment of silence, the thoughts that drift in your heart are most significant -S.CHING.THEATRE

Here I am sketching again. One of my favourite pasttimes is digging up an old sketch I have not thrown away or destroyed thru frustration-
recreate it and compare it. In this case, I dug up an old sketch I was kind of fond of back in June of Y2K, and redid it tonite to see how different
my mind and body is. It shows me a lot when I stop to think about it. How far we change and how far we grow. I should stop with my habit of
throwing away old boxes of stuff... Although I am not one for the outdoors, I always liked the scene.
(one more time, lets do it again - Chara:LEFT: Johnny Holiday Midlife Version + RIGHT: Shuuhei Kurosawa, from MRB9?. Medium:BIC pen and paper)