12.07.04: "It's the same old song over and over again." -until we learn what it means to love - until we learn what it means to hate - until this is forever in our hearts, then, we cannot hope to understand what it means; WHAT IT MEANS TO LIVE EVERY DAY TO ITS FULLEST. -S.CHING.THEATRE.even prostitutes are free to [dream].

Parents never understood it, brothers never quite got it - until today I don't kno wwhy it was so close to my heart; but one day maybe I will remember, what it was like to sleep at 8PM on weekdays, then set my alarm clock for 1AM just so I could watch SAINT SEIYA on TV, and the next day, grade school would be a little bit more bearable for me, cause there was SOMETHING there, SOMETHING that made me realize there would be a light waiting for me to acheive greatness... THANK YOU.
MEDIUM: Pencil & BIC BALLPEN and some dirty CG shading.