M A Y B E ?
There will come a time, when you will be FORCED to make a DECISION - ...and this DECISION, you have to be RESPONSIBLE for, for the rest of your life.S.CHING.THEATRE
This is a really queer piece of work, in my opinion. Originally IREN IVANOV was designed as an androgenous female who had masculine features, but at this pose, it seemed rather weird to stick to that. I guess I will stack it up to experience and practice. I don't think I am too far off. The pose appealed to me at the time. IREN would probably be never BE CAUGHT in such a compromising situation but hey, its pin up art. : ) (and I don't liek any of the female charas I have designed) The GALCO JACKASS double shoulder rig and the tape down is a MUST. Given my propensity for male characters, it is only fitting that my favourite female character was one "born" with a friend. ...
(Chara: IREN(e) from PBA). Medium: Pencil sketch to Bic Ballpen + offset CG.